Who’s Tracking You?

Constant Guard logoEvery time you go online, you’re tracked by companies looking to sell your personal data without you knowing it. Websites try to identify individual users and collect information about them by utilizing tracking cookies, but also email addresses, social media accounts and various other ways.

Types of Tracking
Sometimes tracking can be useful, even necessary. It helps websites remember who you are and adjusts settings accordingly. When tracking information is only accessible to that one website, it is referred to as first party tracking.

On the other hand, third party cookies send data to other websites. Tracking becomes intrusive when these websites are sent your personal information without your approval and then combined with other tracking data the company has purchased to create a “profile” about you.

Surf Anonymously
With Freedome VPN from F-Secure, you can browse the Internet without being profiled or tracked by encrypting your connection. Tracker Mapper, a feature of Freedome VPN, shows you what websites and companies are trying to track you while you surf and where all that personal information about you is going.

tracker mapper feature in Freedome VPN
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Who’s Tracking You Video

Hear from F-Secure’s Chief Research Officer, Mikko Hypponen about how Freedome VPN will encrypt your connection, block tracking attempts from advertisers, and help you take control of your online privacy.


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