3 Mobile Security Tips for Travelers

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With summer quickly approaching, many people will “get out of dodge”, so they say, by visiting friends or family and taking some much needed vacation time from work. But there is one thing you rarely leave behind on your vacation: Your smartphone.

Although your smartphone is an awesome tool to keep you connected even when you travel (unless you go camping in the middle of a national park and have ZERO reception!), there are many mobile threats you should be aware of before you travel including public wifi hotspots.

Public wifi hotspots are popular in hotels and airports because they help you avoid roaming or data charges. Unfortunately, wifi in general wasn’t designed to be particularly secure, and so it exposes all kinds of sensitive information to the public even a politician can’t hide.

Here are 3 quick tips to keep your mobile phones and your personal information safe and secure while you travel:

  1. Use a PIN number or passcode to lock your phone.

Losing your phone is like losing your wallet – it’s not the cash that stresses people out. It’s the information. Credit cards, driver’s license, insurance information, ID – lots of people keep this information in both their phones and wallets. If your phone is lost or stolen, a passcode or PIN can help your personal data stay safe.

Plus, many mobile services will have anti-theft protection and let you remotely locate your phone, but these anti-theft features won’t do you any good if whoever finds your phone can simply open your settings and disable them. We suggest you set your phone to automatically lock after 5 minutes, especially while traveling.

2. Download Freedome VPN for free BEFORE your trip. Freedome iOS_devices_

Using a VPN app, or Virtual Private Network, is especially important while traveling because you are more likely to have to choose between using free, unsecure wifi hotspots or paying roaming charges. Obviously, everyone chooses the free option.

With Freedome VPN, you can encrypt your Internet connection so no one else can see your personal information and ensure you cannot be tracked by third-parties while you browse. Therefore, Freedome VPN allows you to avoid those hefty roaming charges without assuming the risk of unsecure wifi connections.

3. Take the time to remove old files and log out of apps you don’t need.

Cleaning up your phone before traveling is important especially if you use your phone for work. Phones and computers always store information about what you do. Internet browsers store a history. A lot of apps and websites have stored your passwords and contact information. Deleting this data only takes you a few minutes and can save you the hassle that comes with having your personal data compromised.

With these tips, you don’t have to worry about the mobile threats out there. Relax and enjoy your summer vacation!!


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